Larry Elmore Live Wallpaper

This is a Live Wallpaper app that displays a slideshow of fantasy paintings by fantasy illustrator Larry Elmore as the background or “wallpaper on your Android smart phone or tablet.

Available for purchase on the Google Play Store, the Larry Elmore Live Wallpaper comes with 14 high-resolution images that display beautifully on today’s high pixel smart phones and tablets.

This is the only wallpaper app legally authorized by Larry Elmore to display his artwork, and is available only from EverMore Design, which has partnered with Elmore Productions to bring you this app.

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EZ Phone Silencer Free

EZ Phone Silencer is a powerful but simple to use app that allows you to quickly silence your phone for a specified amount of time. When the time is up, the app sets your phone back to the volume level it was at before it was silenced.

This version of EZ Phone Silencer is FREE and supported by ads.

Use the quick timer screen to quickly silence your phone for 15 minutes to 9 hours.

30 min - good for power naps
1 hour - meetings, class, your favorite TV show
2 hours - movies or concerts
8 hours - school, work or an uninterrupted night of sleep

Note: alarms are not silenced, so your morning alarm will still wake you up, even if you have silenced the ringer and text alerts.

This is an app you will want to keep on your main screen for daily use.

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EZ Phone Silencer Pro

Coming Soon: our add-free EZ Phone Silencer Pro will offer you all the easy to use features of our EZ Phone Silencer Free, plus some requested additional features, and with no adds.

Never forget to turn you volume back up again!

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